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Data backup is one of the most important aspects in the world of IT, though the most ignored. Sometimes an accident can happen, and you end up losing valuable data on your computer. However, if you have a backup, then it is easy to get copies of the lost data. Remote storage backups are the best because they are safer and users can retrieve stored data from different computers in different locations. It is also worth noting that some cloud storage platforms allow file sharing between users. This makes it easy for users to share files with other people and send files that are large for email.

Cloud Storage

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Although there are many companies offering cloud storage and file hosting services, not all are reliable. It is, therefore, important to choose the most reliable cloud storage provider based on reputation and individual needs. The following are the main reasons why to backup with is a wise decision.

TOP 9 Reasons Why to Choose SubyShare

1. Security and reliability

Subyshare is a reliable cloud storage and file hosting service provider. Once you are backup with them, you are sure there is no way your data will be lost or be accessed by unauthorized people.

2. More than adequate space has a huge storage space to accommodate many clients. Each of their servers has a storage space of about 48TB to 144TB. Therefore, users can get ample storage space depending on their needs.

3. Reliable, secure connection

Subyshare has a strong, secure connection to ensure that customers take the shortest time possible when uploading or downloading data. It is, therefore, easy to upload, share and download data on the Subyshare platform as long as you have an internet connection.

4. Excellent customer support

Subyshare clients enjoy excellent customer support from a highly trained support team. There is also a live support option where users can get immediate answers to their questions from the support team. You can also send them a message for a quick response.

5. Free account and free storage space

Opening an account with Subyshare is free, and users get free 500GB after registering. However, users can upgrade for premium accounts depending on their storage needs.

6. Premium service benefits

Subyshare users can upgrade to premium accounts to enjoy more benefits. Premium account comes with more storage space, more bandwidth, and unlimited quick downloads. Here services are customized according to different user needs.

7. Subyshare supports all types of data

Unlike other cloud storage providers who restrict users on particular types of data, supports all kinds of data. You can host images, files, audio, flash, and videos in the same place.

8. Affordable rates charges pocket-friendly rates for its premium services. Moreover, premium account rates are divided into different plans to make it more accessible to users. Customers can choose from 30 days plan, 45 days plan, 75 days plan, 180 days plan, 1-year plan and 2 years plan for different rates.

9. User-friendly website and mobile option

The Subyshare website is user-friendly with good graphics and design. A mobile option is also available for users who would like to control their accounts through from their Smartphones.

There is no doubt that offers everything that any person is looking for, a reliable cloud storage provider. Subyshare is secure, efficient, affordable and user-friendly.

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