SubyShare Premium Account Prices:

subyshare premium account prices
We are long past the days when we were limited to storage devices to carry our important documents and files. Back in those days, what we could carry depended on the devices we could afford devices with more storage space obviously cost more than devices with less storage space.

Today, however, we have access to what in the past may have been termed as ludicrous amounts of storage space. This storage space is available not on physical storage devices, but on remote servers. Technically, then, this space is just available in bigger and better physical storage devices. The only difference is that these storage devices belong to someone else (or to some other company). To us, there is no physical storage device. There is only a magical place in the air that we can store our documents and files to.
We store our documents and files in a virtual cloud by uploading them via the internet. There are many, many companies worldwide that offer such services. Every business has its own assortment of packages with its own variety of prices. One thing that all these companies have in common is that they offer tons of storage space at relatively low prices, and most importantly, they allow you to access your uploaded files from anywhere and at any time you want via your computer or mobile device. Hence, in essence, you always have these documents and files with you wherever you go.

A company that offers such services is Subyshare is established 2014. by Lumino Associates LP in Scotland, UK and for now have more than 42000 premium users, more than 1.5 million active files, and over 3200 TB storage capacity. Subyshare not only offers storage space but a bunch of other services you can access over the internet. This gives the company a huge advantage over many other companies that provide online storage services. Most of these other companies are limited to offering this one service alone. Even so, they are limited of storage space they offer.
Subyshare is different in every aspect. It is generous with its storage space, and it also allows for access to many other attractive services. In short, you get good value for your hard earned money.

Features that you get with Subyshare:

premium features

  • The website is not only reliable. It is secure so as to allow for the very best user experience.
  • The site and services of Subyshare can be used on any device – be it a computer or a mobile device. It is just as easy to use on one device as it is the other.
  • There is incredible customer support available that you can contact at any time of the day and on any day of the week if you are experiencing a problem with or the services.
  • We also offer live support to clients. However, you can only use it when you see it is available on the website, but you can always write support ticket
  • The connectivity you get from is fantastic. Each connection is allocated 10Gbit.
  • You can store just about any file (so long as said file does not exceed 10GB). You can upload basically any number of files you want.

These servers are also very modern and hence allow for exceedingly quick network speeds. We also allow you to watch videos in the highest possible quality. The website is designed to adhere to the latest trends and to make it attractive and easy for users to use (what with CSS3 and HTML5). With a free account you get a lot, but with Subyshare premium account you will get much more!

Benefits of the Subyshare Premium Account:

premium account benefits

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